Kylie Jenner being Kylie Jenner, had forgotten a $60,000 solid gold Rolex in a Bottega bag

There’s rich, and then there’s, I forgot my $60,000 watch in my $5000 bag rich, and we are here for the latter. Not one to downplay her wealth, in a recent TikTok video, makeup mogul Kylie Jenner did the “What’s in my bag?” trend for her 52.6 million followers. What came next was surprising not only for 25-year-old Jenner but also for her fans, who were ready for the mom of two to discover a Rolex lying in her purse. “This is a really honest ‘What’s in my bag?’ because I have not cleaned this bag or gone through this at all,” Jenner said. She found an eye-catching gold watch in her Bottega bag that she dubbed ‘Stormi’s little watch,’ which was essentially a $60,000 solid gold Rolex.

“I have Stormi’s little watch in here, it’s actually my watch, but she wore it — look how small her wrist is — but she wore it to a birthday party, and she didn’t want to wear it anymore,” Jenner stated. The video had several shocking moments, like giving a five-year-old a pricey Rolex to wear for a party. Then forgetting that timepiece that most would kill for in an expensive high-fashion handbag and then flaunting it on TikTok, knowing very well from past experience that it won’t be taken kindly.

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Stormi with a Louis Vuitton themed toy Lamborghini.Via Instagram / @officialstormi

Netizens were enraged and shocked, with one commenting, “She casually has a $60K solid gold Rolex… FITTED FOR HER CHILD’S WRIST… just thrown in her bag as if it’s as meaningless as hand sanitizer?????” A second person stated, “For real. Imagine being so blind and flexing with wealth while things like inflation and unemployment are dangerously increasing. Like we don’t expect her to donate half her money, just at least be thoughtful.”

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Via Instagram / @officialstormi

You can afford such hiccups when you’re an entrepreneur worth $680 million. Jenner lavishes Stormi with the best of gifts, birthday parties, and getaways. She once splurged on Stormi’s first day of home school by dressing the tot up in Air Jordans, diamond studs, and a $12,000 Hermès backpack.

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