There is just no stopping Mackenzie Scott – Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife has donated $20 million to Jefferson County Public Schools, Kentucky – It’s the largest sum received to date by the organization.

Via Facebook / @Jefferson County Public Schools.Via Facebook / @MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott has made a landmark donation of $20 million to Jefferson County Public Schools. The humanitarian is breaking records by setting a new one every week. The $20 million grant is believed to be its largest gift, providing direct financial aid to JCPS. “This is a game-changing donation to our community,” said Dr. Marty Pollio, superintendent of JCPS. “We are enormously happy and grateful that JCPS is the latest entity to be on the receiving end of MacKenzie Scott’s incredible generosity.” He continued, “With these funds, we want to ensure that schools like the Academy of Shawnee have exactly the same funding and supplemental funding opportunities that schools like DuPont Manual have,” Pollio said.

It’s uncertain why Scott chose JCPS; nonetheless, there are no strings attached to this generous contribution. The district can spend the money on what they think is best, as long as it’s for the betterment of students and staff. The $20 million influx will be a real game changer for the Choice Zone and families in this community. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos donated a whopping $85 million to the Girl Scouts of the USA only a few days after giving $20 million to Fresno Unified, the Californian school district. Scott gifted Kansas City’s Junior Achievement $1 million to provide real-world learning making her intention to improve the educational systems crystal clear.

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Via Facebook / @Jefferson County Public Schools

What will the massive $20 million donation attain?
Pollio said the donation to the Foundation would fund a new initiative called E3: Engagement, Environment, and Experiences – creating student, family, and community enrichment. The E3 initiative will combat the unfair funding for things like playgrounds, athletic fields, and orchestra rooms at schools in JCPS’ new Choice Zone – mainly the high-poverty schools in West Louisville.

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Via Facebook / @Jefferson County Public Schools

The large sum will help deal with small but significant issues like paying for uniforms, musical instruments, college visits, or overnight trips for students who can’t afford them. “Our families and the community love our school and want it to be a place that continuously provides the students and staff all the resources they need to be successful,” said Kym Rice, Academy at Shawnee principal. “This money will help Shawnee and other Choice Zone schools have programs, opportunities, and facilities comparable to others across the district.”

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