Oprah gets a Global Express XRS

A $50 million mansion with 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread over 42 acres, a massive home theater, a man-made lake with rare fish and having Montecito sandstone bricks hand-laid in the quarter-mile long driveway if this much luxury wasn’t enough for Oprah she chose to go shopping, and what did she buy … a luxury plane! Now she definitely needs a private jet for herself as she resides in California and works in Chicago. It has been reported that she will soon receive a custom-built Global Express XRS from Bombardier Aerospace. The $47-million executive jet has seating for 10 passengers and has a leather interior with designer fixtures for the bathroom and galley. There is an aft stateroom for naps as well as a crew rest area and of course a large main cabin with every amenity Oprah could possibly require.

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Now with all that she has given to people its only fair to say that she deserves every bit of this binging.