Now Jaguar Land Rover has a Netflix like subscription plan for its cars

After Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover is the latest European automobile company to launch its own car subscription program. Named Carpe, as in carpe diem, the program has been introduced only in the UK, including Northern Ireland, as of now in which users can get access to a single vehicle for 12 months for a set, all-inclusive price. The subscriber will have the option to change programs every 12 months. Pricing starts at £910 ($1,057), per month for access to a standard Jaguar E-Pace compact SUV, and it tops out at £2,200 (about $2,900) per month for a Range Rover Sport HSE.

JLR has priced its subscription service competitively to the programs by its rival brands: Mercedes-Benz ($1,095–$1,595 / month), BMW ($2,000–$3,700 / month), Porsche ($2,000–$3,000 / month). The prices by JLR do not include value-added tax, but they do include service, maintenance, insurance (through Allianz), roadside assistance, and delivery. As for mileage, it’s unlimited and subscribers can put as many miles on the odometer without worrying about being penalized. The program doesn’t require a deposit, but putting one down will reduce your monthly payment. JLR didn’t comment on extending the program beyond the UK. A JLR spokeswoman said the expansion could very well happen if Carpe is well received in the UK and buyers in other markets signal interest in something similar.


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