Anna Lunna Boots: Custom-couture footwear for well-heeled women

You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes he/she has on the feet. Let your footwear tell a lot about you too as you put your best foot forward in Anna Lunna Boots. Crafted out of exclusive and rare hides, this Miami based company allows every woman to create her own design. Fashionistas can pick from a range of sixteen styles, five different heel heights, ten different heel styles, and seventeen leather colors to shape up their most desired boots. This kind of custom-couture footwear will promise 100% exclusivity as no other woman will be wearing the same pair of boots. And this luxury comes for a price of $4,500 for ankle boots and $5,000 for knee boots. The brand also spares 10% of the price to a noble cause of helping impoverished women worldwide.

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Thanks Marianna

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