Birkin to keep her name with Hermés afterall

There are elastic bands that might break sooner than this little rolling-dice story for crying out loud. Hermés must be the Goldman Sachs of the fashion world nowadays trying desperately to cling on to the thin thread of hope that just might save them from drowning. While Goldman snapped out anyway and drowned a pitiful death, Hermés is a fighter bull. They have managed to stay afloat over a stray plank and looks like they just might make it to the shoreline. After all the drama of Jane Birkin thinking of withdrawing her name from a brand that has no sense of respect for the ethical treatment of animals, now she is softening her stand. Seems she is quite satisfied by the measures Hermés has taken to prove its commitment in the ethical treatment of crocodiles to produce their infamous Birkin bags.

All may be hunky-dory henceforth, but PETA is not too pleased. They still believe that Hermés is notorious and have come out saying that Birkin will realise soon that ‘her good name is being used by a brand that cruelly obtains skins of factory-farmed wildlife’. It looks like someone did not get a Birkin bag they may have been promised. It is a cunning and selfish world, you see, anything can happen. Or happens.

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[ Via : Instyle]

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