Check out Moleskine’s Mario-inspired collection of notebooks

Think Moleskine and you’d immediately be transported to notebook heaven. And while that’s pretty much the brand’s intent, it recently gave us another poof of action with a brand-new Mario-inspired collection. The novel ensemble presents buyers with four notebooks, a very quirky phone case and a backpack for the go.

As part of the collection, standard Moleskine notebooks are given a Nintendo touch, with each being inspired by Mario is some form or the other. There are two small pocket-sized versions of the notebooks, imprinted with cartridges and a Game Boy, along with a larger size that comes with stylized NEC Graphics. While the former will cost you $19.95, the latter makes a much wiser buy for being priced at $24.95.

If, however, you’d wish to deviate from the Moleskine staple, there’s a super-sleek roll top backpack also available for purchase. Surprisingly un-cartooned, the black bag is a steel for its tag ($159) and is pretty much a must-have for the season. There’s also a solid-looking, candy-red phone case for grabs, although this one can only be bought from select Moleskine vendors. As rightly stated in the press-release, Moleskine’s Mario-inspired collection is truly ‘a newstalgic mixture of contemporary technology and timeless paper’!

[Available at:Moleskine]

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