Christian Louboutin open’s his first “beauty boutique” in Paris

Having established his empire of stunning shoes and covetable handbags, it seems like Christian Louboutin is now committed to the success of his beauty brand as well. The designer has recently opened his very first “beauty boutique” in Passage Vero-Dodat, incidentally the same street where Louboutin opened his first men and women’s flagship boutiques. The beauty store (though this seems like a generous term considering the store only sells nail lacquers) will also be the brand’s 100th boutique.

Designed by Pierre Yovanovitch, the store features white walls with small alcoves displaying the signature bottles of Louboutin nail color. Colors behind the bottles change creating a stunning kaleidoscope effect. An opening in the ceiling of the first floor gives the illusion of a skylight. The Hainaut blue stone floor, burnt wood furniture, and walls inspired by the texture of red Wedgwood china add personality to the store.

louboutin-beauty-boutique-3A narrow staircase with a signature arched copper railing leads to a loft designed to resemble a woman’s boudoir, with powder pink walls, cushioned sofas and pillars displaying the range of nail colors. In keeping with this season’s Tribalou collection theme, the walls feature the designer’s personal collection of Kachina dolls.


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