Dior Ethnic Zip Shoulder Bag with a hanging heart tag is chic!

Dior is the name that’s synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Every bag churned out by this Italian brand speaks for itself. I’m sure every well-heeled lady would be having a couple of handbags from classic haute couture Dior house in their closet. Add one more to your collection – Dior Ethnic Zip Shoulder Bag. This prepossessing bag comes in brown or black logo-jacquard and smooth leather and is beautifully detailed to exude subtle sophistication. The eyelets like edging are actually antiqued silver studs dotting the scalloped ends. A braided leather strap hangs from the handle with a logo-embossed heart on one end and a tassel on the other.

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A leather tab hangs from the zip-top and inside the bag is lined in nylon. The silver studs and the embossed heart render a bit of chic-ness to this otherwise sober bag. I’m only wondering why have they named it Ethnic…? Anyways Dior Ethnic Zip Shoulder Bag is worth the $990 price tag.

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