Döttling’s Portable Jewelry Box comes with a GPS tracking system

We’ve come across the best possible secured safe designs by Döttling. Its creations like the Fortress, the Guardian, Colosimo, and the GrandCircle super safe with hi-fi sound system, among others, have eased wealthy individual’s tensed nerves off worrying from theft. Döttling is now out with the Jewelry Box – a compact portable safe that can individually safeguard your precious jewels and watches. The Portable Jewelry Box can be integrated into various Döttling safe lines. The jewelry box is also clad in black with the finest calf leather and features umpteen numbers of secure pockets that could fit in your valuables to complement the Bel-Air-Black. This one is sized at 21 x 20 x 26.5 cm.

Moreover, assuring complete security, the jewelry box comes with a GPS tracking device that can precisely locate the safe from around the world at any time. If the jewelry box is in the safe, a docking station provides power to the transmitter.

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The price for the portable Jewelry Box with the GPS is $9,600 and integrated into a Döttling safe with docking/charging station; it sports a $12,800 tag. The lead-time for the jewelry box is approx. 6 weeks.

Döttling certainly doesn’t count in the category of safe manufacturers who build high-security safes that are sturdy and huge. Rather, stylish, modern, and contemporary, more define the design offerings from Döttling. Following this route, Döttling has added to its fan-wagon many who admire the detailing, features, and material usage that the brand offers.

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