Döttling’s Colosimo is the smallest safe in the world for watches

Huge and incredibly thick round doors made of stainless steel with massive locking bolts – that could be our definition of a theft-proof vault. Not Döttling’s however. Famous for making some of the safest vaults, this German giant has developed something stunningly innovative: the Döttling Colosimo. Ridiculously small in size, this made-for-a-single-watch vault has nothing to do with the literal meaning of Colosimo – that’s colossal – but the 20th century Chicago gangster and bank robber, Jim Colosimo. Having 16 radially arranged locking bolts and 32 gilded cogs to make it work, this stainless steel watch safe works pretty much like its olden brethren – the three-digit combination key.

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But that’s really not the ‘it’ to this 66 pound baby; the vault doubles up as a watch winder and a cigar humidor. And that makes it one of the cool innovation to own for $23,800.
Our only question, what’s the fascination with Colosimo?


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