Expert jeweler enters the Guinness book of records by setting a mind-blowing 24,679 diamonds in one ring.

All that glitters is not gold; sometimes, it can be 24,679 diamonds in a single ring, blinding you with its beauty! And that’s a Guinness World Records title for the most diamonds set in one ring, managed by an India-based jewelry company, SWA Diamonds. The ring titled ‘Ami,’ Sanskrit for immortality, takes inspiration from a pink oyster mushroom as it represents immortality and longevity. As is the case with most intricate and complicated pieces, the ring was first developed into a plastic prototype, followed by a digital replica which took no less than three months to complete. The magnificent mushroom ring was manufactured in the Malappuram district of Kerala and is the work of Ms. Rijisha TV from the National Institute of Design.

After managing the difficult task of the 3D printing, liquid gold was poured into the mold, cooled, and filed into the shape of 41 unique mushroom petals. These petals were then painstakingly handset with natural diamonds- a whopping 24,679 diamonds! The ring in totality weighs 340 grams or three-quarters of a pound and is worth at least $95,243, as per CNN. “A team of qualified independent diamond experts and jewelry experts evaluated the ring at IGI – International Gemological Institute Lab,” said Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, Managing Director at SWA Diamonds.

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