The 2024 Treasure House Fair at Royal Hospital Chelsea will witness Mutti, the 180-million-year-old pregnant fossil, hit the auction block with an estimated value of $1.5 million.

The Treasure House Fair opening at the Royal Hospital Chelsea is aptly named as it is a treasure trove for collectors. With unheard, unseen, and unimaginable assemblages of art, natural wonders, captivating gems, and much more, the first edition of the exhibit included impressive works like a silver clock commissioned by Charles II from Thomas Tompion, the father of English clockmaking, which was sold for over $5 million. This year, in its second edition, it is not a piece of jewelry, painting, or object d’art, but a fossil that has caught our attention. In 2021, an incredibly rare 180-million-year-old giant sea dragon fossil was discovered at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve in central England.

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The unique fossil of a female ichthyosaur, a marine predator that existed 250 million years ago, even before dinosaurs descended on the planet, is listed for sale. This rare find, named Mutti, is of a pregnant predator carrying almost eight tiny embryos between its fossilized ribs. It could be an exceptional addition to the collection of the modern-day Medici. The 180-million-year-old pregnant ichthyosaur, a significant piece of natural history, will be hitting the auction block at an estimated value of $1.5 million.

Also on sale is a 100.8 carat diamond that is estimated to fetch $21 million.

Other exquisite offerings at the fair include a $21 million 100.8-carat oval-shaped Type II diamond and a pair of commodes worth nearly $2.5 million made by Mathieu Criaerd in 1745 for Madame de Pompadour. The Treasure House Fair, an exclusive event, will be held between June 27 and July 2 at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London.

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