Gucci is selling a $3100 plastic, top-handle bag that looks like a vintage lunch-box. Any takers?

We have known high-end luxury brands to stir up something completely irrelevant every once in a while; Louis Vuitton did it with rulers and a $24,000 Poker chip set and Hermès made a $10,000 fishing rod. Now Gucci is trying to sell what is essentially a plastic box resembling an ice bucket, under the cover of a structured design that recalls vintage lunch boxes. Does it look good when coupled with a fancy description? Unfortunately, no! This lunchbox-inspired, 3D-printed bag depicting a young boy and his kitty scarfing down cookies look cute, but for the price-tag attached, no one in their right mind would choose it. This top handle bag does manage to take you on a costly trip down memory lane with the gingham print accented with a comical printed label portraying a child and his pet with the phrase ‘Gucci Mad Cookies.’

The Gucci Mad Cookies Top Handle Bag measures 5.9″W x 5.9″H x 5.9″ D in size and a top handle with 3.75″ drop. It is available for purchase on the official Gucci website for $3100. Would you like to strut around in this vintage top handle bag, or are you looking at the other, better things Gucci normally offers?

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[Available at: Gucci]

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