Gucci Red Collection

Are they insane or what? It’s not valentine for a red bicycle, shoes, bags, watches, or a teddy bear. Gucci people are running out of ideas. According to them, experimenting with colors might lead them somewhere, towards perpetual buying. But in this case, that is not happening. The collection is not as classy as it should be- Gucci Style. Perhaps, the products are not even luxury or stylish for that instance. To begin with, the red bicycle, all it has is a red leather bag, a red body, a light, and breaks. I can afford that on my bike. Then come, I-Gucci watch is Gucci’s first-ever digital timepiece. It has a black dial and steel frame with a red monochrome rubber strap is engraved with the Gucci logo on the exterior, while the interior has been embossed with Gucci’s iconic GG pattern. I-Gucci, get alive, this is not even an iPod. Then come, Gucci bags, red travel bags, that’s all I could say. Next in the row is a pendant, which is green and blue with a chain. This has been ironically displayed on a scary panda, which surely freaks me out. The Gucci shoes, the converse makeover, in a Gucci way. It has blue’s, yellow, black grey, messily brought together for a product.

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Thank God, this is a limited edition and will be sold exclusively in Hong Kong and mainland China. Poor Karate kids shall be banged with Gucci products. I shall pray for you my friend.

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