The Gucci Wonderland Collection is an assemblage of five dreamlike, horological collections boasting rainbow-like gems and technical brilliance.

To mark Gucci’s 50 years of spectacular watchmaking, the House unveiled its second high watchmaking collection, and time stood still! That sounded like it defeated the purpose, but the collection aptly titled Wonderland is so much more than just a device to tell time. The contemporary savoir-faire is an elegant statement that declares one’s liking, flair, and personality through the Gucci lens. Gucci presented the new campaign with five signature collections leaving us spoilt for choice.

The House’s lineage fuses with five tourbillons in rich colors giving rise to a new language of kaleidoscopic designs shrouded in mystery. Going beyond the trappings of planet Earth for more profound inspiration, the new G-Timeless Planetarium, G-Timeless Dancing Bees, G-Timeless Moonlight, the Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon, and Grip go interstellar and bring the mesmerizing universe to your wrists.

“Following Gucci’s high watchmaking debut last year, the House presents its second collection of refined, Swiss-made timepieces that combine technological flair, elevated materials, and unique decorative artistry. Presented at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva, the mood of this kaleidoscopic collection is inspired by a magical fairground, where the most refined watchmaking complications appear alongside rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders. In a special video created to celebrate the collection and 50 years of Gucci Swiss Timepieces, three new watch movements designed by the House and additions to existing lines are revealed,” shared a spokesperson.

Let’s delve right into the magical fairground that is the Gucci Wonderland collection-

G-Timeless Planetarium-
Four multicolored designs, inspired by one of the brightest nebulas, the Orion Nebula NGC 1976, make for the most vibrant offering of Wonderland. The timepieces are centered around the Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon, the cynosure being the diamond-studded star. The real star of the show is a start-and-stop function that, with a simple touch, unravels a mesmerizing visual that pleases the onlooker. Twelve rotating precious stones, each turning on itself in 9 seconds, creating a charming carousel on the wrist of the wearer. Each watch is offered in white, rose, or recycled yellow gold ornamented with green tsavorite, blue tanzanite, or yellow beryl gemstones. The fourth iteration replaced the gems with diamond-set stars.

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G-Timeless Dancing Bees-
Have you come across a more endearing, captivating tribute to life and nature? A personal favorite, the G-Timeless Dancing Bees collection celebrates the bee motif. Akin to the rotating gems of G-Timeless Planetarium, twelve golden bees tremble on the dial, fluttering and shimmering in a radiant response to the wearer’s movements. Two earthy-toned stone dials pay homage to Mother Earth and act as the perfect subdued background for the glistening bees. The hearty turquoise dial is reminiscent of the planet’s deep blue oceans as seen by space. The second green opal dial admittedly looks like a piece of land and flourishingly grasps our verdant grounds. The stones were polished to a thickness of only 0.45mm before being cut and shaped into tiny rectangles spread on a mother-of-pearl plate barely 0.15mm thick. At 12 o clock, the star-studded tourbillon rests within a diamond-set crescent.

G-Timeless Moonlight-
Lacking the glitz of the watches above, the G-Timeless Moonlight makes up for the masquerade with a personal touch. The made-to-order timepiece depicts the client’s specific place, time, and date of birth on the watch. Akin to a personal journey, the timepiece features six gemstones related to the wearer’s zodiac signs and the birthday planets’ position to make a cosmic map. These gemstones are then paired with diamonds on a rotating rehaut. The internal ring can be engraved with five personal letters or characters along with an oscillating weight displaying the client’s unique constellation and a customizable alligator strap. The three versions reveal a deep blue aventurine glass dial, an electric purple-blue lacquer dial, and a green aventurine glass dial set on a thin mother-of-pearl base.

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Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon-
Elegance, subtly, and style define the ultra-thin Gucci 25H collection with three variants. The openwork GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon is a masterpiece adorning 60 baguette diamonds on the dial’s floating bridges and 44 on the bezel. The winding stem can be personalized with up to eight letters on each of the stem’s four sides. The 40mm masterpiece is available in 18kt pink or white gold, with corresponding gold skeleton hands. The second variation dons colored bridges with matching rubber straps making an urban, bold statement. The third iteration with the perpetual calendar complication indicates the time alongside days, months, years, and moonphase. A five-link bracelet or alligator strap complements the dial’s horizontal pattern.

Gucci Grip-
A new take on Gucci’s maximalism, the Grip is entirely laid with hard stones -red jasper and chrysoprase. The no-fuss timepiece is set in 18kt pink gold with corresponding red and green displays. The Grip offers a new and novel way of reading time owing to the jumping hour mechanism. The retro-style monochromatic creation keeps the appearance neat and consistent with a complementary alligator strap.

The Gucci high watchmaking collection is housed in Maison’s first dedicated boutique at Place Vendôme, Paris, and is available to view by appointment only.

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