Hermès is under the microscope! The fashion house’s display offers an unorthodox perspective on nature

Luxury brand Hermès’ annual theme “nature at full gallop” prompted Torafu Architects to build a window display inspired by what you might see under a microscope. The naked human eye is incapable of viewing and appreciating the tiny cells that makeup living things, so Torafu blew up the concept and adorned the windows of 22 stores in Japan with the concept.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (4)
PVC pipes were used to mimic the complex look of cells found in various plants. On these pipes hang Hermès accessories including bags, scarves, hats and footwear.
torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (5)
Contrasting pastel colors have been sprayed onto the backdrop to resemble colorful laboratory chemicals.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (1)

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (3)
Even display cabinets within the interior feature wallets, watches, and handkerchiefs placed on transparent bubble-like objects.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (7)
A closer look at the display.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (6)
Hermes has impressed us in the past with innovative window displays by Zim & Zou featuring artistic leather birds and even a fox den.

[Via : Designboom ]

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