Hermès introduces its annual theme: Nature at Full Gallop

Every Hermès picks a theme for the year, which is highlight through their collection and store windows. This year, the French fashion house, which started as a saddle and harness workshop in Paris, is celebrating its deep connection with nature wit the ‘Nature at Full Gallop’ theme.

Incorporating this phenomenon, designer Rooshad Shroff has conceived the Hermès store windows to reflect the theme of the year. Surrounded by the world of Hermès, arctic animals glimmer, lit up under the glow of the polar lights. Take a peek into the enchanted world of fantasy and magic, where the unicorn reigns at full moon and a mystical river unfolds.The gradual transcendence of colours from blues and greens to pinks and purples reflects the fluidic hues of the arctic skies when painted by the lights.

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Take a look at the Hermès Store Mumbai, for this beautiful installation and more information on this year’s collection.

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