From a cute Burberry bucket hat to comfy Birkenstocks and a lovely Loewe scarf, here are our top picks for luxe, fashionable and functional travel gear

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To travel is to live. But most people choose to live (read: travel) with tons of burden, aka heavy luggage. Why burden yourself with dragging suitcases when you could be carefree with refreshment in one hand, your camera in the other, and nothing else to be bothered about? The entire process of packing a large suitcase with multiple outfits, then unpacking it in various locations only to repack it again sounds extremely tedious, completely taking away from the very purpose of a break! Traveling light is the difference between simply visiting a place and tasting freedom.

Take it from globetrotter Franci Neely who has traveled to more than 180 countries. The Houston-based philanthropist and travel aficionado advised, “Take less luggage than I do.” She continues, “You can get things where you are — and you’ll want to because there are some interesting clothes and accessories that you can find that will remind you of your trip. So take less than you think that you need to.” Traveling light is more manageable than one thinks if we have those few key elements that make a great look. Listed below are some examples of quality over quantity that will make your next vacation an incredibly lightweight memory:

7. Burberry Vintage Check Gabardine Bucket Hat:
Vitamin sea, or a shopping spree, too much sun can make anyone dizzy. An outing means you spend more time outdoors than usual, and saving yourself from an overdose of rays is never a bad idea. A hat adds charm to your appearance and can be a massive help on bad hair days, a natural side-effect of a great vacation.

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6. Loewe fringed printed scarf:
An accessory that makes you look good while saving you from the nip in the air? Opting for functional yet fantastic-looking pieces such as this makes you look chic, and a neutral hue will go with nearly all your outfits.

5. Gigi New York “Carrie” belt bag:
The feeling of being hands-free in a world obsessed with holding handbags along with passports, tickets, brochures, and more in their hands is liberating on another level. The Carrie belt bag by Gigi New York is an inconspicuous helping hand that can take care of your travel documents and money while you gorge on local delights.

4. Louis Vuitton Nice BB toiletries bag:
Traveling light and traveling smart are unquestionably interrelated. Inspired by LV’s vintage Nice vanity case, the Nice BB toiletries bag is a smaller version of perfection that carefully stows away nearly everything you need to begin and end your day seamlessly. No more rummaging through zip pockets and making a mess of things during a leisurely respite. This hold-it-all bag is capacious enough to store necessities and won’t take up much room in your luggage.

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3. Rimowa Never Still Tote:
The idea of your breather may be to lie dead as a doornail, but when you step out for a day around town or a safari, you will need more than a pouch can handle. Rimowa’s tote accommodates daily essentials with a roomy compartment that can house a laptop of up to 13 inches (if you are a workaholic) and a zipper to secure it shut. In addition, it is crafted out of premium materials like durable canvas and full-grain leather, so you don’t have to worry about soiling your pretty purse whatever terrain you travel to.

2. Celine Square-frame acetate sunglasses:
Is it possible to get through a day without sunglasses? Not on vacation! Plus, there is no denying that sunglasses add tons of oomph to those pictures posted on social media. The easiest way to look good without wasting time on makeup is to opt for some bold square frames. Those temples look sensational with an iconic logo on the go.

1. Manolo Blahnik x Birkenstock Arizona Dual-Buckle Sandals
While many opt for comfort when traveling for obvious reasons, it doesn’t mean you must leave style behind. These slide-style sandals are the perfect companion for long-haul flights and a day of sightseeing. They also match well with most outfits unless you’re planning to go full Vera Wang.

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