Louis Vuitton launches their Men’s Denim Collection

Louis Vuitton has debuted a new denim line for men, and it’s taking the fashion world by storm. Nobody in the fashion industry is a stranger to denim; jeans are reimagined in chic new avatars every season. Denim innovation usually sidelines menswear, but LV is bringing it back into the spotlight with this versatile new line.

Louis Vuitton Denim range (2)
This permanent collection recreates Japanese and European denim savoir-faire.
Louis Vuitton Denim range (4)
Jeans are available in three styles: classic regular, slim classic, and slim stretch fit.
Louis Vuitton Denim range (5)
You can choose from an array of washes and colors. Details include LV embroidery on the front pocket, metallic rivets and snaps, as well as yellow topstitching on the inside of the belt.

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Louis Vuitton Denim range (3)
This collection will be launched alongside the Heritage Denim Capsule which has been inspired by Louis Vuitton’s archival trunks and come in five styles of which three are limited edition.
Louis Vuitton Denim range (6)
Among the Limited edition pieces are a pair of metallic gold jeans inspired by a 1903 copper-covered trunk and a silver-coated pair inspired by a trunk from 1899.

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The third limited edition pair references the brand’s 1936 crocodile trunk and is made from luxe croc leather. Only 101 pairs of these limited edition jeans have been created. The Denim collection will be available from July 2016 in just six of Louis Vuitton’s stores worldwide, but you can also buy them online at louisvuitton.com.

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