Louis Vuitton’s most versatile 4motion pair unveiled

Think sunglasses are all about a pair of dark glasses on a sleek frame with the monogram on the side? Then hold your horses, you are in for a pleasant suprise. The fashion icon, LV, has come out with a pair that not only does more than having a pair of brown or yellow tinted glasses on a flexible snug frame, its whole frame can be adjusted to suit anyone face. That’s right, from the rims, to the nose pad to the length of the arms, everything can be adjusted to suit one’s individual morphology, in a matter of minutes. And surprise o surprise, it doesn’t even bear the hallmark of the designer – nope no LV monogram pasted on the sides. Perhaps the reason why you only pay $640 to $ 720 for each versatiloe pair. Sometimes just having a brand logo on isn’t necessary …

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