Purchase Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics from an auto rickshaw in Milan

Trust the Italians to give a fashionable makeover to the auto-rickshaw. Unlike other rickshaws that transport people, this particular one is being used to promote. You know how they say while in Rome do as the Roman? Well in Milan too. Italians are mighty serious about their fashion.

Coming back to the point, Milan-based fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is the source point here. As part of its support to 2015 Expo Milan, they have used a rickshaw to tour around the city giving passersby the chance to sample their cosmetic collection. The ‘Beauty-on-the-Go’ began its tour on May 16, and will continue till the end of the month. In the coming days the rickshaw will be at Corso Buenos Aires, Piazza San Babila and at the Stazione Centrale train station and later on to Monte Napoleone and Brera/La Foppa. You can get the schedule on their website.

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The brand has never ceased to surprise in its many ideas to promote itself. Having dressed thousands of patrons, the fashion house has also dressed Disney’s super vamps.

[Via – Luxurydaily]

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