Pure gold eyelashes up for grabs at Barney’s, New York

I wonder if there exists any fashion product that hasn’t had a gold upgrade. From shoes to bags, facials to nail polish, shirts to gowns and tattoos, every product has adorned a golden avatar. The latest addition to this list of opulence is an artisan hand foiled eyelash in 24-karat gold from Kre-At Beauty. Unlike the elegant options like the diamond eyelashes from the same brand, Karl Lagerfeld’s ruby eyelashes, and Dior Grand Bal’s gold Swarovski crystals lashes, the new item sports a gaudier look. However so, it is the perfect weapon to dazzle and can be spotted from far end of any room or on a stage.

This exquisite fashion accessory is sold exclusively at Barney’s, New York, and comes with a price tag of $295 only.

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[Available at Barneys Via Abcnews]

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