Sergio Toro introduces Wild footwear collection

If you love your 8-inch Louboutins and those who really fancy Jimmy Choos, here’s your chance to add to your shoe wardrobe. How about flaunting a pair of Sergio Toro? Well, this Ukraine-born, New York-based designer has come out with a rather exquisite range of footwear that is “wild” and wacky. His collection doesn’t reek of sequins or butterfly embellishments. Toro’s repertoire comprises dark yet beautiful abstract designs. Something that a Lady Gaga would love to sport! Choose Manta (heel-less shoe made with stingray skin and lined with soft lamb-hide with metal spikes), Jaw (metal-hardware teeth give an edge to this show that is made with soft-lamb leather), or opt for Venom (created with python leather with an intricate tongue design).

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manta side.jpg
manta q back.jpg
manta detail 1.jpg
manta exp.jpg
The Manta sports a metal spike in the heel area that adds provocative and dangerous touch to overall shoe aesthetics.
jaw side.jpg
jaw back.jpg
jaw detail.jpg
jaw exp.jpg
The Jaw makes a statement with metal hardware teeth that are positioned in a jaw pattern on the back.
venom side.jpg
venom front.jpg
venom exp.jpg
The Venom delivers fashion-toxic with intricate tongue design patterns.
Toro constantly draws inspiration from nature’s mysterious side and teams it with mythology and science fiction. Using high-end hide and exotic skins, he aims to create bespoke shoes for the world’s well-heeled fraternity. Designed and handcrafted in New York and sold exclusively by order, Toro seems to have set afoot in a world where boots aren’t just made for walking! The Wild collection is priced between $4,500-7,500.

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