Ladies – Louboutin now offers the world’s most unique pair of shoes

In eight not-so-simple steps you can have the ‘most unique pair of shoes’, or boots, courtesy the guru of shoemaking, Christian Louboutin. If you can dream it, they can make it, claims Mr Louboutin and by the looks of it they are not kidding. The process might take a year, but by the end of it you would have something that is almost tailor made for your feet. Oh wait … it IS tailor-made. The process begins by you visiting the Atelier at Paris’s 1st Arrondisement.

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Once settled into the plush store, you will be asked to bare your feet so that the Atelier director may examine it. He will then take measurements – at some 12 odd key points. Then a mold will be brought where you place your feet in so that he may take imprints of your feet. Hence, you may want to consider a pedicure before this experience.
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Next, you demand. The height, the size, the sequins, the designs, the ornaments – whatever you want on your shoe, tell the director. That is, you select your last. Not final, but a mechanical form that is shaped like the human feet, and which show makers use to manufacture or repair shoes. You would have seen them at a cobbler’s pile of shoes to repair, if you have not had a peek into a shoemaker’s workshop before.
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The Last Adjustment – or 3D casts of your feet, is done with precision by the artisans at work, at the store, using leather. You can keep this last as a souvenir too. Although, that would be a little spooky.
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You can leave the store after this, the artisans will then take over. They will sew and assemble your shoe using the finest tools and materials. Once it is ready, they will send you another invitation to the store (doubt if airfare will be taken care of), and you will have a dress rehearsal. If you are pleased, you can return home while the artisans put the final touches to this piece of art and call you back in to hand over the ‘most unique pair of shoes’ AND the Louboutin red-lacquered sole. If not, then you might have to go back and return another day for another trial session. And it will be on repeat until both you and CL is satisfied with the result.

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The price for the shoe will be $3,400 and if you opt for boots, it will cost you $4,000, that aside from the airfare to and to Paris for the trials. But, at the end of it you have your made-to-measure Louboutin in the style, design and shape you want – well worth the price, won’t you say?

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