Sneakerheads can now jazz up their beloved footwear with jewelry

Many hip-hop songs have lyrics that go ‘Diamonds on my fingers and diamonds on my toes.’ I want to contribute to these new-age lyrics by telling all diamond and sneaker lovers that the time to put diamonds on your sneakers is here! All thanks to Heyerdahl for launching the world’s first jewelry for sneakers called TAGS by Heyerdahl. As long as you have a pair of sneakers with flat laces, nothing can stop you from blinging up those sneakers in as many as 11 stunning variants, which will soon be followed by a further 17 different variants by 2021. Designed by jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl, the stunning TAGS come in yellow or white 18 kt gold encrusted with 90 diamonds. There is also a Sterling silver variety encrusted with 90 cubic zirconia stones for those who are not fans of gold. The Silver TAGS collection will see many assortments of designs; some plated with 18K gold while some encrusted with eye-catching colored cubic zirconia stones. What completely stands out from the collection is a rainbow edition that dazzles with 5 different colored stones extending support to the very relatable cause of “pride” and “everything will be fine” in these turbulent times. Sneakerheads who are always on the lookout for a unique pair are the easiest and most stylish way to add some pizzazz to one or all of your sneakers! Unisex TAGS can be used as pairs, one on each shoe or several TAGS on each shoe using “straight bar lacing.”

TAGS by Heyerdahl will be available for purchase in Heyerdahl and Stress’s stores in Oslo, Norway’s best sneaker store. TAGS will enhance your sneakers in pairs and come in an attractive gift box; the limited edition 18 kt. Solid yellow or white gold with a total of 90 brilliant-cut diamonds (45 on each tag) and engraved with a unique limited edition number will sell for $4450. The Sterling Silver TAGS coated with 18 kt. Gold or rhodium plating and encrusted with 90 Cubic Zirconia will sell for $160.

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