Adidas collaborates with Porsche Design for a rather stylish sneaker

Collaborations are the buzzing trend in 2017 and here to present us with yet another rocking example of the wonders that artistic amalgamations truly entail is our beloved shoe brand- Adidas that recently teamed up with the super edgy and ultra-fabulous Porsche designs to create a pair of sneakers that is stylish, functional and engineered to every length of perfection.

Titled as the “Adidas X Porsche design Bounce S4 Lux”, the shoe offers a stunning take on fashion which is further coupled beautifully with the engineering aesthetics of Porsche. One glance at the shoe, and you would almost instantly notice its decoupled heel that is attached to the rest of the shoe via a carbon plate, much like the mechanism used in most Porsche cars. Further, it comes with a bounce suspension system that is designed to offer added comfort along with a 3D upper layer for aiding easy support and a superior fit minus the hiccups of any unnecessary pressure. Due to its unique pressure relieving designing, the S4 lux makes an ideal match for walking, running and almost all other sports endeavors.

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This one-of-a -kind shoe takes immense inspiration from the Porsche car designs and renders enough style to make the rest of pieces in your shoe collection look boring as hell. Available in Dark blue and classic red options, the Adidas X Porsche design Bounce S4 Lux is available for sale on the Porsche design website for a cool $430 each. Pricey, but pretty much like no other shoe you have ever seen before, but for a more affordable pair, you can use shoe hero buying guides.

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[Porsche-Design Via Trendhunter ]

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