The Ultimate Tote comes with the best of 5 things that women desire

Typically like most women, my handbag’s innards would make me look insane with reassuring repository of the entire world to survive a catastrophe or holocaust. While men would never be able to understand how such bewildering things might be of any earthly use, for us women we need to bring all the essentials with ourselves.

jamlove-2According to a survey conducted online by VeryFirstTo, commissioned by Jam Love, top 10 things that women keep tucked away in heir handbags include: Smart Phone, Wallet/Purse, Tablet, Camera, Glasses/Sunglasses, Perfume, Cosmetics, Pen, Business Card Holder and MP3 Player. Some of the more unusual most desired handbag items that were suggested by research participants include: Thor star Chris Hemsworth’s room key, a bottle of wine, a puppy and a magic wand!

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jamlove-4While stuffing your handbag is one thing, to be able to find your things without fumbling is another. And this is where Jam Love’s Shibaura Travel Tote comes as a life savor. The newly launched handbag brand Jam Love has introduced the Ultimate Handbag, its Shibaura Travel Tote that also comes complete with finest of the top 5 most desired items. The dream bag includes a Vertu Signature Touch phone; Burberry Contrast Leather Ziparound wallet; iPad Air; Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III camera and Gucci sunglasses.

jamlove-3Crafted from the finest vegetable tanned leather and heritage waxed canvas, the bag is ideal for everyday purpose as well as for travelling. It has separate compartments for your phone, purse and keys to reduce scrabbling around. Best part is it even has leather sleeves to secure your laptop or tablet. Named after Shibaura-Futo near Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay, the bag is etched with the brand’s logo and is a must have for every woman.

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jamlove-7The Jam Love Shibaura Travel Tote is available in a range of colors including Jam & Toast, Apricot, Blueberry, Chocolate Gingerbread and Black Truffle. The exquisite bag is available on its own for £450 ($773/ €569); and with the bounty of iconic items for £10,325 ($17,695/ €13,076).

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