Amosu Couture adds bling to the Blackberry Bold 9780 with a 24 carat mirror gold finish

As Blackberry continues to garner more interest in the gadget world with its playbook tablet, Amosu Couture has decided to reintroduce the new Blackberry Bold 9780 with a big serving of opulence. Unlike the older variants of the Blackberry bold which saw Gold, Diamonds and Ostrich skin accents, the Amosu Couture version comes plated in 24 carat gold in mirror finish, and the Midas touch extends to the keypad too!

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Priced at £1250 ($1,990) for a fresh piece, you can get your existing Blackberry Bold 9780 with the gold mirror sheen for an £550 ($875).
Thanks Hazel Pimlock.