Bentley teams up with Naim and Focal to introduce a pair of special edition music player and headphones

Bentley has been outfitting its cars with bespoke, high-end sound systems created by premium audio brand Naim since 2009. The two iconic British brands have now collaborated to come up with special edition audio equipment. Also, a part of this partnership is the French company Focal that merged with Nain back in 2011 to create one of the biggest premium audio brands in Europe. First up is the Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition, which is an exclusive version of the popular Mu-so 2nd Generation wireless music player with aesthetics inspired by Bentley cars. This is the first Mu-so to use wood in its construction. The enclosure of the music player is made out of Ayous, a sustainably harvested wood from Africa, and it features a stained and lacquered finish. The illuminated, touch-sensitive control dial is decorated with Bentley’s diamond pattern, while the asymmetrical fabric grille features a copper-threaded weave. There are other copper accents on the special edition Mu-so as well, including the smoked acrylic plinth with Naim and Bentley names illuminated by an LED backlight. The Naim x Bentley Mu-So speaker can be yours for $2100.

The collaboration between Bentley and Focal has spawned special edition Radiance headphones that get an entirely fresh design with new hardware. The finish of the headset is said to be inspired by the exterior of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar concept. The chassis of the special edition headset is made from aluminum, earpads and headband are wrapped in padded full-grain leather. There are plenty of copper accents all around the diamond pattern is present on the headband and behind each earcup. The special edition headset is priced at $1299 and comes with a bespoke carry case.

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