Bentley teams up for Naim Audio to create special edition wireless speakers

If wishes were Bentleys, then you better believe we’d all be cruising through the streets shiny pastel chariots of our own, but in this instance, we might just have to settle for a smaller piece of Bentley action. But in the world of this British car company, the small packages sometimes hold the most awesome presents and in this case, it’s a set of amazing premium wireless speaker systems. Another Brit company, Naim Audio, has created special editions of their Mu-so and Mu-so qb to be part of the Bentley Collection.

The speakers offer state-of-the-art wireless and can actually be combined to deliver a multi-room audio experience that reaches up to five rooms simultaneously, talk about an immersive experience! The speakers offer an exceptionally good quality of sound with the Mu-so commanding 450 watts of power and the smaller Mu-so qb delivering 300 watts.
The exterior design of the Naim for Bentley speakers has been inspired by the luxury materials, colors, and patterns seen on Bentley cars. Details like the Naim for Bentley logo and metallic color add that extra something to the speakers.

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Both speakers can be purchased via Bentley’s e-store. The Mu-so retails for £1199 (or approximately $1,463) while the Mu-so qb is priced at £749 (which is about $915).

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