Clover Coffee Machine for $11,000

Even though I am a coffee addict, I definitely cannot afford a Clover, and so I cannot fit one in my kitchen. But if you’ve got the dough to spare for this machine then you can sip on to the best cup of rich, dark French press coffee you’ve ever had. The Clover’s real benefit to coffee-drinkers is the way it combines French press and vacuum methods to produce one of the best cups of coffee. The Clover’s “VacuumPress” method, however, creates a vacuum to draw the water down through the grounds, extracting flavor and yet leaving them behind. It precisely makes one cup of coffee at a time, letting you select brewing time and temperature to coax the best flavor out of the particular bean you’re using. The barista pours ground coffee onto an extremely fine filter atop a piston that descends into the machine. After the coffee steeps, the piston rises, creating a vacuum that pulls water through the grounds. The finished coffee flows through a spout into a waiting cup.

Actually, this machine is not for mass production but only made on order……each device is built to order by a small Seattle company. It brews coffee like a French press, but it’s more dramatic to watch and much more precise. It is equipped with a “PID algorithm” for regulating temperature and “programmable workflow modes” to help micromanage the brewing process.

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