Game of Thrones limited edition Xbox One is as obnoxious as it is rare

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is now behind us, and we see a complete mash-up of civilizations and intersection in the bloodlines we thought we knew so well. Something similar seems to be transpiring on the Microsoft front with their unique Game Of Thrones-themed Xbox One console that will show up in France. Forget about owning this one because it is only available as a contest prize on the gaming company’s social media pages in France.

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Word has it that it will see only six copies of itself up for grabs and does not have a price put to its head. It has all the elements from the introductory video of the show, including copperish projections in the form of Saturn-like rings sticking out from the top and a general steampunk-inspired look. Even the controller takes the background’s mosaic through it, making it one Westorosi console that Tommen would really enjoy playing with.

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What is noticeable is that the console is nowhere close to compact, which is the current norm in most console designs. Nor is it something that can be accommodated in a modern day TV cabinet. Good luck to whoever wins this one because ‘the great game’ has just begun.

[ Via : Theverge ]

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