24kt gold plated laser cut iPad Air screams bling

We are nearing the end of 2013 and the holiday season, but if you missed picking something special for yourself this Christmas, then here’s something that you will absolutely love. Here’s presenting a dazzling gold plated iPad Air that is nothing like anything you have seen before. We have seen numerous blinged-out iPads in the past before, including the Amosu and Goldgenie gold plated iPads, but the new 24kt gold plated iPad Air by Ademov and customized by Computer Choppers stands out from the rest.

Rather than the commonly polished gold back-plate, the gold iPad Air by Ademov features a polished, engraved and machine-cut rear-plate with a black acrylic layer to match the black Apple logo. Different motifs and endearing patterns are engraved, setting it apart and making it extremely desirable. The asking price for the 24kt Gold iPad Air (128GB) stands at $5,000 a pop, and they are available in limited quantities.



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