Gresso’s Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold sport pure gold keys

The Lady Diamond Collection was meant to lure only eight women. That was not fair as many women worldwide were left high and dry to lay their hands on such a stylish, luxurious cell phone. So Gresso is back with two new lines for all. While the Lady Gold comes in the same red hot hue, the Ultramarine Gold dares to wear the cool blue shade. Cased in titanium covered with high-tech ceramic, the keys are shaped out of 18 karat gold. Limited to 15 units each, the Lady Gold and the Ultramarine Gold cell phones stand out for the Roman numeral keypad and a see-through sapphire back. And the gold triangle on the crown is synonymous with Gresso.

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While the red hued model will suit the hands of a woman only, the marine blue edition will also call out to the gentlemen who seek to steer of the traditional black bodied cell phones. For 4800 EURO ($6,500), they pack in the same techie specs as the Lady Diamond.

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