Philippe Starck designed wireless thermostat ‘Netatmo’ is minimalistic yet beautiful

Paris-based company ‘Netatmo,’ which is known for its hardware that reports the weather outside, has partnered with noted interior and product designer Philippe Starck to conceive an intelligent smartphone-connected thermostat that gives complete control over the climate inside the house. The sleek wireless thermostat is minimalistic in design and is wrapped in elegance similar to other products designed by Philippe including the Blade Runner hard drive and the SOLO Zikmu iPod docking station. The Netatmo thermostat doesn’t have any buttons and isn’t overly complicated like similar devices in the market. It simply comes with an e-ink screen that displays just the desired temperature and the actual temperature in your home, and the frame can be clicked up and down to make adjustments as needed.

All the other major functions and data can be checked using a companion iOS and Android app; the app can be used to set a specific temperature wirelessly, schedule times and check the energy usage, and set a desired temperate at certain times of the day when the user is away. The device also comes with interchangeable colored plastic frames that jazz up the package to match the home decor. The Netatmo thermostat will go on sale this month in Europe for 179€ ($240).

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[Netatmo Via Fastcodesign]

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