Now you can charter a private jet with your iPhone and pay with Apple Pay

When a company like Skyjet launches a specialized iOS app for their exclusive clientele, you can bet your top dollar that it will have all the perks and benefits befitting their stature in the service. The company that specializes in on-demand private jet charters is the first of its kind to delve into the realm of iPhone apps with the added facility of Apple Pay integration. What that essentially translates to is access to a system of booking a private jet charter at your fingertips, literally and figuratively.

The system has been designed to be quite intuitive and work swiftly with a very real-time set up giving users current pricing for trips the moment the itinerary and details have been entered into the app. Additional information like aircraft specs, a detailed trip itinerary and instant access to a dedicated aviation expert via a call button are also part of the systems make-up. The company’s pay-as-you-fly model eliminates any annual membership fees.
Skyjet iOS app to book private jet charters 2
Skyjet’s President Greg Richman, in a statement, had this to say, “We’re extremely proud to see Apple Pay take flight with the Skyjet mobile app, which creates an unparalleled booking experience for travelers that’s faster, safer and more efficient than traditional charter booking.”

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As an added bonus, to celebrate the launch of the mobile app, the company’s first 50 new clients to book a trip with the Skyjet app will receive an Apple Watch Sport or an iPad Air as a gift. Seeing as Apple Pay is gaining momentum, a system integrating with this payment set up and security features could be something most users of the flying service would be comfortable with; Of course one has to hope that they are all iPhone users, in this case.

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