Philips Wardrobe Care Solution – a new level of ironing

If your outfit smells stale after a visit to a smoky restaurant or a pub, or a little musty from hanging too long in the wardrobe, simply hang it on this (magical) vertical board, switch on a button, and get a fresh and ready to wear in just 10 minutes…. So simple! From heavy jeans, suit jackets, work shirts to delicate silk camisoles, The Wardrobe Care Solution does it all in one, easy-to-use machine. Design helps us to bridge the gap between the present and the future and makes the future tangible today. The best example Philips could provide of this disciplined approach is its “Wardrobe Care Solution,” which it insists is the latest revolution in wardrobe care.

Like all new products, this iron/steamer had to meet the Simplicity requirements: It had to be “designed around you,” “easy to experience,” and “advanced.” Apparently, it met all three and went from concept to roll-out in two years. Taking half the effort involved in traditional ironing, this system generates better results and more satisfying experience than any other product currently available. The Philips Wardrobe Care Solution comprises a high-pressure steam iron, a steamer, a refresher, and an extra-large board with scorch-free cover in one complete, foldaway unit. The suction function holds clothes smooth and flat as you iron, while the blowing mode cushions garments on air to end unsightly shine and pocket marks. Still, $1,200 is a lot of iron.

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