Steampunk USB flash drive for $3,000 doesn’t sport gold nor diamonds

Steampunk products get recognized for their uniqueness. If the Steampunk USB flash drive from Russia failed to enthuse my readers then here is one more such USB drive that won’t fail to get noticed. If not for its appearance then at least for the price tag of $3,000 that it sports! And I am sorry to inform that for this much money, you don’t get a bejeweled storage device. It is simple shaped out of brass and copper. The seller on Etsy justifies this 4GB’s price tag by saying that “I respect the art too much to undervalue it and besides, this is the only one of these in the world.” What the maker fails to understand not everyone will understand his sentiments. Even if a deep pocketed geek wants to shell out $3 grands for a Steampunk USB flash drive, he will expect it to be crafted in gold or diamond studded. This one doesn’t even belong to a renowned brand!

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