Tag Heuer launches the diamond encrusted Meridiist

The Meridiist, which was launched in late 2008 is now revamped in a diamond encrusted version. Tag Heuer has launched two, ultra-glamorous models adorned in pave diamonds and precious gem stones. The grandest version of the two models features 1232 diamonds worth 7.4 carats spanning the rows along the angled sides of the phone body as well as the display screen. Meridiist Diamant, which is the lighter version, boasts of 208 diamonds worth 1.3 carats which envelop above and below the display screen.

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Both the models are furnished with a non-scratch 10.5 carat sapphire crystal display, a hypo-allergic stainless steel body and bespoke digital engineering. About 430 mechanical components derived from the legendary Tag Heuer chronograph are incorporated into the models and are presented in a glossy wooden jewelry box in order to preserve your prized possession.

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