This original iPod preserved in its original packaging can be yours for $20,000

It was 18 years back when Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce the original iPod. The $399 portable media player marketed as a device that can get 1,000 songs in your pocket marked the resurgence of Apple, making it the Cupertino-based company’s one the most iconic products. Naturally, it ranks high on every Apple fan’s list of collectibles. If you are one of those diehard Apple fans, here’s your chance to get your hands on an original, factory sealed iPod, preserved in pristine condition.

A seller on eBay has listed what’s described as a “brand new” original iPod, which has never been used or even taken out of its original plastic. The asking price, however, is $19,995, which is more than 50 times what the original iPod sold for 18 years ago. Despite the rather steep asking price, the rare unopened 5-gigabyte iPod is, in fact, a steal at that price, considering a similar original iPod was sold for $20,000 back in 2014. A special edition U2 iPod, on the other hand, has sold for as much as $90,000. The demand for collectible legacy gadgets and electronics is steadily increasing. In February this year, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. was sold for a whopping $100,000, which created a new world record. The ultra-rare computers Apple built during its initial days are the most coveted Apple collectibles and can reach up to the million dollar mark very soon.


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