Triode-Tube iPod speakers – The first tube-based iPod speaker system

Developed and built by German audio technicians, the Triode speakers are the first tube-based iPod speaker system that uses super analog technology. The system comprises an aluminum-encased amplifier that houses four powerful class-A tubes that glow gently as they play warm, low-octave, and distortion-free sounds. The tube amplifier works as a mender as it smoothes over distortion found in modern digital recordings while compensating for the quality loss experienced in compressed audio such as MP3’s. Apart from the iPod jack, a second audio-in port allows the user to connect a CD-player, Satellite radio, or another audio component.

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The system includes an RCA cable and two highly-insulated 13’ triple-core speaker cables with gold plated connectors. The Triode-Tube iPod speakers retails for $4000.

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