Triode-Tube iPod speakers – The first tube-based iPod speaker system

Developed and built by German audio technicians, the Triode speakers are the first tube-based iPod speaker system which uses super analog technology. The system comprises of an aluminum-encased amplifier that houses four powerful class-A tubes which glow gently as they play warm, low-octave and distortion-free sound. The tube amplifier works as a mender as it smoothes over distortion found in modern digital recordings while compensating for the quality loss experienced in compressed audio such as MP3’s. Apart from the iPod jack, there is a second audio-in port that allows the user to connect a CD-player, Satellite radio or other audio component.

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The system is inclusive of an RCA cable and two highly-insulated 13’ triple core speaker cables with gold plated connectors. The Triode-Tube iPod speakers retails for $4000.