Vertu’s Signature Precious phone is bejeweled to announce your status

After giving us the Signature Cobra and Signature Dragon, Vertu Pink Diamond Signature Vertu is out with a brand new haute couture smartphone tagged Signature precious that draws its inspiration from “Grand Complication timepieces and the finest jewelry”. Hand crafted by Joanne Cameron, her signature can be spotted beneath the battery. The bejeweled phone sports front keys set in sapphire that have been carved with the help of diamond-tipped tools. The phone also comes with a patented keypad that features 4.75 carat ruby bearings set in such a way, so that the sapphire keys don’t run against them, giving you a smooth motion to the use the phone. So much is the opulence of this piece that even the SIM card tray is cast in either gold or platinum as you like it.

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To make you feel more special and add to the exclusivity of this handset, the phone will feature ringtones composed by Academy Award winner Dario Marianelli and performed by London Symphonic Orchestra with flute solos by Andrea Griminelli. You also stand to have a taste of the Vertu Concierge service, that gives you access to a personal lifestyle manager complementary for the first six months. You can also get the Signature Precious Certainty service that offers two years of complementary repairs without restrictions. Then there is a stunning desk stand for your phone to place it in style. The phone by itself is offers 3G connectivity with features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and an OLED display.

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