Zafirro Iridium is the world’s most expensive razor with sapphire blades

When you think of opulence, the first few things that sprout to mind are a fancy car, a huge sea-view bungalow, lots of scintillating jewelry, and the likes. We have come across limited edition of razors before and also the previous record holder of the most expensive razor, but this one scores above everything yet – a $100,000 razor for men. Zafirro Iridium has made news by becoming the first razor to come with sapphire blades. The Iridium line of razors is built using a series of rocket science technologies, quite literally and nanotechnology and particle physics. And because so much thought has been given into producing something as exclusive as this, the range is limited to 99 pieces. The price tag might be exorbitant, but it comes with some perks to soften the blow, namely, a serial number and monogram, as well as complimentary re-sharpening of the blades for up to a decade. As exquisite as the product seems to be, it also sounds extremely bizarre.

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