TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite is the world’s first mobile phone to charge itself through its screen

We all are aware of watches with perpetual power, but what about mobile phone with endless power reserve? Believe it or not but we finally have a handset that promises never to run out of juice. At 2014 Basel World, TAG Heuer has taken the wraps off the latest member of the Meridiist range of luxury phones. Named the Meridiist Infinite, the luxe mobile phone stands true to its name and features perpetual power reserve and charges its own battery while in standby mode. The Meridiist Infinite is the result of a collaborative effort between Atelier Haute Communication and Sunpartner Technologies and this new technological feat setting new standards might spark off a new trend in the market.

TAG Heuer claims to be the first to bring the technology to the market but we have seen something similar attempted by other smartphone makers earlier. But they all were either failed attempts or shown-off as concepts which give credence to claims made by TAG Heuer. The handset features Wysips Crystal Technology behind its screen in which Wysips Crystal acts as a transparent photovoltaic component built into the sapphire crystal screen, which produces enough electricity under specific natural or artificial light source to charge the phone. It is made from grade 5 Titanium and carbon, has a full-color 2.4 inch TFT LCD display and top ranged monochrome OLED panel for extra information. The phone also has dual SIM and in addition to it comes with a 5MP rear camera and 8GB of storage. It’s a limited edition model and TAG Heuer will only build 1911 examples of the Meridiist Infinite handset. The pricing has not been revealed yet.

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