President Obama is loyal to his TAG Heuer watch

The Obama craze has definitely not died down yet. People are still curious to know what the guy wears, how he dresses, and other unimportant details. So for all you lame people out there who care to know more about what he wears rather than what he is doing for the nation, here’s some interesting piece of news. The timepiece that he is usually seen sporting is an elegant and extremely luxurious TAG Heuer Series 1500 Two-Tone Diver watch with an exquisite brown strap. The President has been wearing this watch since 1991, so that shows how fond he is of this accessory. But for all those looking to mimic the President’s taste, here’s some bad news.

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The “Obama TAG watch” has been discontinued since 1998. And that’s not it. Recently a few Secret Service agents got together and gave him a black-dialed chronograph, embellished with the Secret Service logo. This new watch has seemed to replace the old TAG. And you can’t get your hands on this one either as it is only available to Secret Service employees at the store located in the Secret Service headquarters in Washington, D.C. After examining many Inauguration Day photographs, it was finally determined that Obama did not select the TAG Watch for this special day.
But looking at his loyalty towards the TAG watch, I can bet that this timepiece will definitely reappear. Until then, keep ‘watching.’

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