Carlsberg’s Vintage No. 2 beer is touted to be world’s most expensive beer

Here is some great news for all you beer connoisseurs out there. Carlsberg has launched Vintage No. 2, the second brew in its Vintage trilogy. This exquisite brew will be sold at €270 ($363) per bottle making it one of the most expensive beers in the world. The Vintage No. 2 is created in partnership with the controversial Chilean born artist Marco Evaristti. And every bottle will bear a symbol of this collaboration in the form of a hand stenciled lithographic print made by Evaristti labeled on each bottle. Five different prints are designed for each of the beers, with the elephant as the recurring motif. Only 125 items of each has been made, making the Vintage No. 2 a collector’s item.

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The brew was matured in J.C. Jacobsen’s original crypt-like cellar from 1847 where it has been stored in French oak casks for 100 days. The beer boasts of a jet-black color and espresso-like foam, revealing flavors of vanilla and cocoa/mocha. The aroma contains hints of tar and ropes, which come from the peatsmoked Scottish malt, transported from Scotland just for this brew. Best served at a temperature of 15-20°C, Vintage No. 2 can be paired with oysters, shellfish, Parma ham and cheese as well as some chocolate and crème brûlée. The expiration date for the Vintage No. 2 is 2059 (the same year that Carlsberg Elephant beer celebrates its 100th anniversary).
Vintage No. 2 is available in a limited batch of 600 bottles exclusively from the Carlsberg Visitors Centre in Valby, Copenhagen and in five upscale Copenhagen restaurants: Noma, NIMB, Premisse, Kong Hans and The Paul. It is also available online at via the e-shop.

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