Fujitsu F704i – an ultra thin waterproof mobile

Japan! This land of the rising sun is always up to something. I wonder what ticks ‘em to come up with up-to-the-minute gadgets with never-thought-of features as well. Recently in Tokyo, Fujitsu has launched its newest cell phone, the F704i. It is believed to be the world’s slimmest (1.8cm thick) waterproof phone. Trying to be world slimmest isn’t a high point, it’s the resistance to water that makes it’s so special. This slim F704i can stand to be under a few feet of water for up to a half-hour. Now you can carry it into the pool for a quick swim…..hey but my trunks don’t have a pocket to hold this gizmo. But it’ll work fine when I need to catch on with my friends and sweetheart even when in the shower. Brushing aside all these impish ideas, let’s get back to the cell phone and its specs (after the jump).

It features a music player, microSD card slot, 1.3MP camera, 2.2-inch QVGA LCD display, and 3G connectivity. The integral “bath massage” feature actually explains the need for a water-resistant phone. And in keeping with the Japanese desire for privacy, the phone locks up the data stored in it every time it is closed and incorporates an IC lock function. Did I tell you that the company has appointed a color therapist to design the colors and the casing that especially enhances your mood and in turn promotes healing? So should we call it a ‘color therapy cell phone’ or a ‘healing cell phone’ too?

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