Bourgie table lamp in Gold – adorns your table

When you first set your eyes on this charming piece, it’ll seem like those antique showpieces embellishing the rooms of the rich Hollywood stars. But fortunately, it is a Bourgie Gold table lamp by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani who has been a former member of the Memphis design movement in Italy in the 1980s and has a reputation for integrating bold forms, classical and antique references into his designs. The Bourgie table lamp introduced in 2003 continues in this vein, with the flamboyant outline uniquely polished in polycarbonate, the material which is in vogue for the 21st century. A special coupling system of the lampshade allows the lamp to be assembled at 3 different heights (26.75”/28.75”/30.75”) without the assistance of any tools. To change the height of the lamp, you could simply lift the lamp and add or remove as many spacers as required to get the desired height. The precision-cut, three-sided outline scrolling is best suited for nightstands, work tables, and side tables. Three luminous 40W/120V/E14/torpedo bulbs are included.

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The material is 24k gold plated ABS Galvanic coating. This radiant lampshade comes for a price of $900.

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