Beatle John Lennon sunglasses for $1.5 million or more

If you’re caught humming to Beatle tunes more then often then you’d most likely know who John Lennon was. He was best known as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist for The Beatles. Lennon was often photographed in his round, wire-rimmed glasses, and the image became iconic for young folks of his generation who adopted the same look. And here’s your chance to grab his round, gold-rimmed sunglasses that had set the trend then. They are put up for auction by a British Web site with bidding whispered to go as high as $1.5 million. This pair originally belonged to Japanese television producer Junishi Yore who was a translator for the Beatles in 1966. The glasses come with Yore’s handwritten note saying he got them when the Beatle was on tour in Japan. Lennon befriended Yore and before the two parted, they exchanged gifts. Lennon gave Yore his glasses, and Yore gave Lennon copper cups.

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However if you’ve got some spare millions to satiate your whims then take your chance and bid for these cool glassed before 31st July.

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